Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini last year, as a reincarnation of the small and compact phones. While there is a decent demand for small sized phones, the iPhone 12 mini has not fared well in the market. The device is a flagship but it has some major flaws.

iPhone 12 mini

The battery life of the iPhone 12 mini happens to be the biggest flaw of the smartphone. In the current age, people are used to using their phones till the end of day. In some cases, some people are also able to have some juice left at the end of day as well. However, the small battery in the iPhone 12 mini and a high resolution display, does not allow the phone to run for as long as regular 6” or larger screen sized phones.

A true compact phone but with bad battery life

The iPhone 12 mini is truly a compact smartphone – it has a 5.4” screen which is very small by today’s standards. The current generation iPhone SE has a 4.7” screen but it has large bezels on the top and bottom. So, the size of both the iPhone SE and the iPhone 12 mini is almost the same. However, the iPhone 12 mini packs a larger screen, thanks to its minimal bezels all around the screen.

iPhone 12 mini: Worth buying with the flaws?
iPhone 12 mini (RED) back and front

At $729 (USD), the iPhone 12 mini is not a budget friendly device. It is an expensive, flagship phone with a bad battery life. Also, the base model only packs 64GB of storage which is slightly unacceptable at the asking price – not a major issue however, given the quality of service Apple provides.

The cameras on the iPhone 12 mini are fantastic. The camera modules are the same as the other iPhone 12 variants except for the iPhone 12 Pro series which has some additional nifty features.

The iPhone 12 mini is a decent device, if you do not use your phone heavily everyday. Also, its important to note that, Apple is reportedly set to add major new features like in-screen fingerprint reader on the next iPhone series which are set to release in September or October. 


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