iPhone 12 will have a smaller notch

Apple releases its flagship iPhones in the month of September. The schedule could change a little this year as the covid-19 outbreak has affected the whole world including development centres, manufacturing plants, etc.

However, that does not mean that the work on the iPhone 12 has stopped. According to Jon Prosser, the famous Apple leakster, the iPhone 12 will have a smaller notch compared to the iPhone 11. 

Apple iPhone 12

For a long time now, it has been rumoured that Apple will move to using a smaller notch. It appears that 2020 will be the year when the iPhone design will be more tighter and nicer. The iPhone 11 Pro is an extremely well built phone but the size of the notch is huge – it leaves very less space for icons of apps and alerts.

The leaked image by Prosser shows off a much smaller notch and also the design of the phone looks much like the iPad Pro. If the image is true, Apple is moving the speaker above the notch into a much smaller space and placing all the FaceID tech & cameras in the notch area.

For a long time now, it has been reported that the iPhones will take design cues from the iPad Pro which features a much boxier design. It can also be said that the design language appears very similar to the iPhone 5’s with chamfered edges.

The iPhone 12 has been rumored to be a major design shift from the iPhone 11, and one of the most hoped-for design changes has been a smaller notch.

According to a leaked image of the design of the iPhone 12, it appears that a smaller notch may be exactly what we are getting. Jon Prosser, the host of Front Page Tech, tweeted out a couple of images of the new notch on Sunday night with the words, “here you go, internet.”