It’s just been months two months since the release of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro series and we have already begun hearing rumours regarding the next year’s iPhone. The biggest news for network enthusiasts will be the fact that next year’s iPhone will be 5G capable, however another major news appears to be that the display of the iPhone 12 will be thinner.

YouTube Video Compares the iPhone 11 Pro to the Original 2007 iPhone

So what advantages does a thinner display have over the regular displays used in the current generation iPhones? Well, for starters, a thinner display would mean the display will take less space in the phone’s body which could result in a thinner iPhone or Apple using the extra space to pack a larger battery.

However, that’s not the only plus point of a thinner display. Well, a thinner display in this case refers to the new Samsung OLED display which is thinner as it packs the touch digitizer with the display and not as a separate sheet. So, according to the rumours, the display will not only offer benefits in terms of reduction of space used but will also generally reduce the price of the display.

Cheaper and thinner

According to the rumours, the display to be used in the iPhone 12 will be cheaper and thinner. It’s unclear whether the economic benefits will be passed onto the consumers as a reduction in the selling price of the iPhone.

Apple did reduce the price this year of its non-OLED iPhone by $50. So we at iLounge are optimistic regarding the price reduction with the next year’s iPhone. The $999 price is a little high and it has to change. Before the 2017 iPhone X, the starting price of the flagship iPhone was $649 and since then, the prices have been skyrocketing.

As companies find ways to reduce the price of technologies like OLED panels, the price of the devices could eventually fall. 


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