iPhone 12 Pro could support 6GB of RAM

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram - News Editor
iPhone 12 Pro could support 6GB of RAM

One more month before 2019 ends and we have already begun hearing rumours about the next iPhone. The 2020 iPhone will reportedly support a new design as the iPhone X design is now three years old.

The other rumours about the next iPhone state that the device will use a much thinner display. The thinner display will reportedly have the touch digitizer combined with the display which will also result in reduction of the price of the display.

iPhone 12 Pro could support 6GB of RAM

However, the most interesting rumour is that the next iPhone will reportedly pack 6GB of RAM. It looks like 2020 will be the year that will justify the “Pro” in the iPhone’s name. The A14 chip to be released alongside the next iPhone will very likely once again take the title of the fastest smartphone chip in the industry.

Faster OS operations

6GB of RAM could open new doors for the iPhone developers and users alike. 6GB of RAM and 8GB of RAM is common in the Android world, however iOS requires much less amount of RAM to run smoothly and 6GB will definitely improve the speed of the operating system and the general performances.

The app open times could also improve drastically with many apps open in the background. Also, Apple has been talking about Augmented Reality (AR) for a long time now. The company has already invested in AR by creating the ARKit enabling developers to take advantage of the technology.

We expect the extra RAM to help AR apps and games work even better in the future. Apple is reportedly working on improving the general working of iOS with its next release by focusing on reliability.

Coupled with the more reliable operating system, the next year’s iPhone could be much faster and snappier with 6GB of RAM. Of course, specs don’t always matter.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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