iPhone 12: October release without a charger

Apple is scheduled to unveil its flagship phones for the year in October. While the company has not officially announced the iPhone event yet, it did report that supply will be “available a few weeks later.” The information relating to the “unveil” date has been revealed by the notorious leakster Jon Prosser.

The iPhone 12 will reportedly offer slight new design improvements such as a smaller notch on the front. The current gen iPhone is the third iteration to use the same design language; the iPhone 12 could slightly change that. The upcoming iPhone range will also be the first 5G equipped devices made by Apple. 

No charger in the box?

The other major change with this release will be the removal of power brick from the box, according to sources with supply chain information. It has become one of the major controversial topics surrounding the iPhone 12 even before its release. Apple is reportedly going to tout the move as “environmental friendly” – less packaging, less e-waste.

A lot of people reportedly do not use the charger that comes in the box. Instead use their own third-party fast chargers or already have adapters lying around. It would indeed reduce the carbon footprint generated by Apple devices. However, not everyone seems to agree with it and some have even gone on to suggest that the company is making such a move to increase profits.

Apple will very likely continue to sell its chargers/adapters separately even if it stops packing it along with the iPhones. It would make customers happy if the price of the iPhone also comes down, if the company is indeed making such a move to be “environmentally friendly”. The iPhone 11 and iPhone XR ship with a slow 5W charger and most people do not use them but rather invest in a fast 18W charger.

Do you like the idea of your iPhone not shipping with a charger? Let us know in the comments.

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