iPhone 12 to pack a thinner display, suggests report


The next iPhone is months away and the rumour mill has already begun. The latest rumour states that the next year’s iPhone will pack much thinner displays. So what does that mean for the consumer? If the display is to take less space, the same space can be used to pack an even larger battery.

When is iPhone 12 coming out

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro are the finest phones the company has made in a longtime. While they don’t sport the most modern design or offer the fantastic 120Hz displays, they are the most reliable smartphone on the market, period (except for the iOS 13 bugs).

Improved battery backup

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone has always been the battery life. Last year, Apple released the iPhone XR which ditched 3D Touch in favour of a better battery and also to make the product cheaper. Apple took cues from the iPhone XR and has implemented the same concepts on the iPhone 11 Pro series.

The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro offer great battery backup with the smaller phone giving more than seven hours of screen on time (varies from user to user). Also, this year, the iPhone 11 Pro models come bundled with fast chargers unlike the 5W charger which came bundled with the iPhone XR.

If the rumours pertaining to the reduction in thickness of the iPhone 12’s display are true, then it’s very likely that Apple will use that space to pack a larger battery or for some other purposes. If this rumour was produced a few years ago, we would have speculated a reduction in the thinness of the iPhone’s body. 

However, this year, Apple actually increased the thickness of the iPhone 11 Pro to pack a larger battery. So, we at iLounge are betting on Apple packing a larger battery for even longer wire-free hours.


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