iPhone 12 could have TouchID under the display

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
iPhone 12 could have TouchID under the display

Apple introduced TouchID, the fingerprint recognition tech in 2013 along with the iPhone 5S. Since then, the feature has been added to the iPads and Macs. However, in 2017, the company moved to FaceID, a facial recognition system for unlocking and authorizing payments, so as to make a bezel less phone.

FaceID has since then become extremely popular with people, its security and ease of use was heavily questioned initially. The tech just works, you pull out your iPhone or take the iPad Pro in your hands and the face scanning begins automatically. The process is so quick that you stop using the lock screen.

iPhone 12 could have TouchID under the display

Well, FaceID is great and there is no need to go back to using TouchID. However, rumours suggest that Apple could be planning to add TouchID under the display like the fingerprint recognition tech found on OnePlus phones. It’s unclear as to why Apple would do so as FaceID “just works” and nobody appears to be complaining or asking about TouchID.

Is TouchID even required?

Next year, Apple will reportedly release a completely redesigned iPhone which will mark the end of the iPhone X design which would have had a good three year run. Also, the company is reportedly experimenting with Samsung’s new displays which are thinner and cheaper.

The thinner displays reportedly have the touch digitizer built into the display and that makes it cheaper. It’s unclear whether Apple will pass the benefits to the consumers as price reductions. We could however expect the company to pack a larger battery in the extra space left from the thinner display if the dimensions of the iPhone 12 remain the same as the current generation iPhones.

2020 sounds like a good year for the iPhone but do you think it’s wise for Apple to bring back TouchID when everyone’s happy with FaceID?

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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