iPhone 12 could use USB-C: Insane Fast Charging Speeds

The iPod brought the 30-pin connector which worked well for the times. The iPhone also carried the 30-pin connector to make it easy for Apple users to use the same docks,cables and connectors. However, with the introduction of micro USB and connectors in general turning smaller, Apple introduced the lightning connector.

At the time of release, the lightning connector was considered a revolution as it was reversible and extremely tiny. However, now the USB-C offers the same features but the lightning connector is still smaller compared to USB-C because of its different working model.

USB-C Everything!

iPhone 12 could use USB-C: Insane Fast Charging Speeds

Apple has moved to using only USB-C on its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air except for the aging 3.5mm headphone jack. It killed the much loved MagSafe connector in favour of the USB-C to simplify the laptop experience by offering the much more common connectivity option. 

However, Apple appears to have a different thinking when the iPhone is considered. Android phones have been using the USB-C for years now whereas the iPhone still uses the lightning connector. Apple also shifted to using USB-C on the iPad Pro whereas its much more mobile products continue to use lightning like the AirPods, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Mouse.

Improved Fast Charging

iPhone 12 could use USB-C: Insane Fast Charging Speeds

Will Apple ever move from using lightning on the iPhone to USB-C and if yes, then when? 2020 could be the year for Apple to introduce USB-C on its iPhones. Apple has taken to refreshing its phones design every year compared to the previous time frame of two years. If Apple’s ways of making changes are to be taken into consideration, it will only be the iPhone 12 Pro that will use USB-C and the iPhone 12 will stick to using the lightning connector.

By using USB-C, Apple could also unlock much faster charging speeds (upto 50W) compared to the current lightning port speeds.

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