iPhone 12S to feature high-refresh display, lack lightning port

Apple released the iPhone 12 series at its ‘Hi Speed’ Special Event in October last year. The company usually unveils its flagship iPhones at the September event but due to the coronavirus global pandemic, the company took a hit and delayed the release of the iPhone. Instead, at the September event, the company released the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE, and the redesigned iPad Air.

As usual, Apple will release its flagship iPhones for the year 2021. This year could be an ’S’ release for the iPhone as the company has (almost) always done in the past. The company operates in a tick-tock manner, a new redesign for the first year followed by an internal upgrade release. The 2021 iPhones will be similar to the iPhone 12 series in terms of design very likely but will have upgraded components on the inside.

120Hz high-refresh rate display

The most anticipated feature of the upcoming iPhones has to be the use of higher refresh rate displays. In the Android world, all flagship smartphones and even some budget phones use 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate display. The iPhone continues to use a standard 60Hz display, however it will very likely change with the 2021 iPhones. An interesting point to note is that the iPad Pro has been using 120Hz high-refresh rate display since 2018, even before the Android smartphone manufacturers.

iPhone 12S to feature high-refresh display, lack  lightning port
Lightning cable with power adaptor

The other notable changes with the upcoming iPhones will reportedly the removal of the charging port, at-least on some models. The authenticity of the leaked information is unclear at the moment. The reports state that Apple will make the iPhone completely wireless going forward – MagSafe for charging. Users have already moved to using wireless earphones for listening to music and for calls through earphones.

It’s unclear as to whether Apple will release its 2021 iPhones in September or October.

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