iPhone 13: Improved camera lenses!

Apple released the iPhone 13 series at its ‘California streaming’ event held on 14 September. The new iPhones have much improved camera systems compared to the previous generation. The lenses on the iPhone 13 are so large that the company had to place them diagonally, as the lenses would not have fit in the vertical design of the iPhone 12’s camera system.

The cameras on the iPhone 13 are a major advancement over the iPhone 12, even though the 12 megapixel count continues to be unchanged. Apple is calling the changes on the iPhone 13 Pro camera setup as the “biggest advancement ever”. On the regular iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini, the differences are massive as well due to the larger size of the sensors. 

Larger sensors results in better pictures

Both the wide and the ultra-wide sensors on the iPhone 13 are an upgrade over the iPhone 12. The larger wide angle sensor is able to capture more light compared to the iPhone 12 which results in better pictures. The ultra-wide sensor has been upgraded to offer improved low-light performance – better white balance and colors.

The larger main sensor on the iPhone 13 is actually the same sensor as the one found on the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro Max from last year which started at $1,099. However, that same sensor with better software to take advantage of and faster A15 Bionic chip is now available for just $829, in the form of iPhone 13.

iPhone 13: Improved camera lenses!

The iPhone 13 cameras produce rich and detailed photos that are not oversaturated. The improvement in low-light photography is massive as well. Overall, the 2021 iPhone camera updates are huge, continuing to keep the iPhone camera in the top league.

Apart from the camera changes, the iPhone 13 also improves on battery life and display which has been covered in separate articles – battery improvements and display improvements. 

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