Apple unveiled its flagship phones for 2021, at its ‘California streaming’ Special Event. The iPhone 13 series is a slightly small update on paper but the improvements are massive in terms of user experience. The larger battery inside all the models means users will be able to use the phone for longer, the larger camera sensors result in brighter photos, and a faster chip pushes the iPhone, once again, to the next level.

iPhone 13

The design of the iPhone 13 remains largely similar to the previous generation iPhone 12. The most noticeable change is the smaller notch on the front of the device which results in a slightly less intrusive notch, allowing slightly more content to be visible. Also, the iPhone 13 is slightly thicker compared to the iPhone 12, to accommodate a larger battery.

Solid upgrade for people with iPhone XS or older

The iPhone 13 series also has slightly brighter displays with maximum brightness of 800 nits outdoors and 1200 nits peak brightness or HDR content. The larger battery results in the regular iPhone 13 offering two and half hours more runtime whereas the iPhone 13 mini will last an hour and a half longer, compared to the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini respectively. 

iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13 mini

“Our customers rely on iPhone every day, which is why we’ve made iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini more powerful, more capable, and more fun to use,” said Apple’s senior vice president (SVP) of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak. “Both phones have beautiful designs, industry-leading performance, and advanced camera systems with impressive computational photography features, all with incredible durability, water resistance, and a big jump in battery life to ensure customers can depend on their iPhone when they need it. All of this, tightly integrated with iOS 15 and with privacy built in, make iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini an unbeatable choice.”


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