iPhone 13 to have in-screen fingerprint reader


Apple is set to unveil the next generation iPhone series in the fall of this year. The company will likely release the iPhone 12S or the iPhone 13 – the naming scheme is unclear as of yet. However, an important detail which leaked is the authentication system that the upcoming flagship iPhones will use. 

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 will reportedly have an in-screen fingerprint reader along with FaceID as well. In the current world of covid-19 pandemic still affecting people’s lives, unlocking an iPhone using FaceID is difficult when wearing a mask in public. Most people have moved onto using the good old but annoying PIN method. 

The return of TouchID in a new place

It is very likely that Apple will add an in-screen fingerprint reader on the next iPhone. Most Android smartphone manufacturers have been offering in-screen fingerprint readers on their flagship smartphones and even on their budget options, for years now. Some Android smartphone manufacturers are also now packing the fingerprint reader on the power button on the side.

The iPhone 13 will use an in-screen fingerprint reader instead of a fingerprint reader on the power button. Also, the in-screen fingerprint reader on the iPhone is expected to be of much higher quality than the ones found on other brand smartphones. Apple is known for not implementing a technology until and unless it makes it is perfect or it makes it perfect – high focus on ease of use.

The iPhone 13 will not be much different compared to the iPhone 12. The design is expected to remain largely the same – the beloved chamfered edges. As always, the company will include a newer chip – the A15 – which could offer slightly higher performance levels with improved efficiency.

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini

Apple may discontinue the ‘mini’ version of the iPhone this year. The iPhone 12 mini has largely underperformed compared to the expectations. However, it is too early to say anything definitively.

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