iPhone 13 MagSafe Battery Pack Gets Significant Discount

Forget traditional power banks that attach to cables- if you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 with MagSafe charging capability, then you should definitely get the MagSafe Battery Pack. Today, it’s discounted at 19% off and priced at just $79.95 on Amazon.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack excels in convenience since it doesn’t require any wires or cables. You can just attach it to the MagSafe area on your iPhone and watch as it catches energy automatically. There’s no shutting it off when at 100 percent, and no interference with key fobs and credit cards as well.

Should you want a slightly faster charging mechanism you can attach a Lightning cable to the pack and enjoy 15w in the process. Incidentally, you can use a 20w power adapter to charge both your smartphone and the battery pack simultaneously.

20 percent off on a very useful iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 accessory definitely sounds good, so buy the discounted Apple MagSafe Battery Pack today!

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