iPhone 13 packaging redesigned for reduced environmental impact

Apple has pledged to reduce its iPhone 13 product launch environmental impact via a redesign. Today, users on social media have posted how the Cupertino-based company makes it so.

The iPhone 13 box now has a tear-off strip sticker that holds the contents together until it’s ready to be opened. Before, an outer plastic wrap used to provide the same function, but the omission of this material is said to save up to 600 metric tons of plastic waste.

Apple partner Belkin has made a similar environmental pledge recently and announced that all its iPhone 13 screen protectors will be made from forest certified paper and recycled plastic bottles. Also, Belkin mentioned that its applicator kits in stores will be made of sustainable materials such as soy-based ink, plant-based plastic and kraft.

iPhone 13 screen protector

Belkin iPhone 13 anti-glare screen protectors and ultraglass are both available to purchase at $19.95 and $39.95, respectively.

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