It’s been five months since the launch of the iPhone 12 series and as it happens every year, the talks of the next iPhone have already begun. The Pro versions of the next gen iPhones will reportedly use high-refresh rate 120Hz LTPO OLED display panels. Apple plans to use the same display size as that of the current generation series.

iPhone 12s

The other major difference on the iPhone 13 or the next generation iPhone will reportedly be the smaller notch. Apple has been using the same notch cutout size since 2017 – starting with the iPhone X which was the first bezel less iPhone. The smaller notch will be a welcome addition as the current notch takes up a lot of the screen real estate, leaving very little space for the notification icons, time, and other important icons at the top.

TouchID and higher storage options

The iPhone 13 will also reportedly have an in-screen fingerprint reader – the return of the TouchID but under the display this time. While FaceID is great and fun to use, it does not work all the time and especially in the current situation when almost everyone is wearing masks outside, it’s difficult to unlock the iPhone in some cases. Fingerprint reading is much simpler compared to facial recognition and is also very instant.

iPhone 13 Pro: 120Hz LTPO Display and smaller notch

In terms of storage, the iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly be also available in a 1TB storage variant. At present, the iPhone 12 Pro devices only go up till 512GB – which is half a terabyte and half of the rumoured iPhone 13 Pro’s 1TB storage option. It’s unclear whether the base variant of the iPhone 13 Pro will remain at 128GB or Apple will bump it up as well to 256GB storage.

The upcoming flagship iPhones will also have slightly improved camera technologies. The ultra-wide sensor is expected to offer slightly higher quality pictures. 


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