Apple launched its latest flagship iPhone series in India recently. However, new reports suggest that the company is struggling with the supply due to shortage of components. As a result, a limited number of units of the iPhone 13 are available in India.

iPhone 13

The online Apple Store in India is now notifying users that if they order now, the product will be delivered in the next one to five weeks. The high-end iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are reportedly the most in demand with long waiting times. According to Economic Times, several industry experts have said that the supply shortage will last for a good couple of weeks.

The older iPhone series prices have lowered

“The shortage is one of the reasons that Apple is yet to commit to any launch date for the new Apple Watch in India,” said IDC India’s research director, Navkendar Singh. “There is relatively less of a supply issue for the older iPhone 12 series. Since they are now making many of the earlier models locally, those will be mostly available.”

iPhone 13: Improved camera lenses!
iPhone 13: Improved camera lenses!

Apple unveiled the latest flagship iPhone 13 series at its ‘October streaming’ event held on September 14. The regular iPhone 13 starts at $829 (USD) unlocked whereas the smaller iPhone 13 mini starts at $729 (USD) unlocked. The more expensive options include the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max which start at $999 (USD) and $1,099 (USD) respectively.  

“As India was part of the global launch, those customers who would buy from abroad or the grey market are now buying from the proper channel here. Hence, demand has been robust and more for the more expensive models,” a electronics retail chain CEO reportedly said to Economic Times.

At its September event, Apple also announced the new Apple Watch Series 7 and the redesigned iPad mini.


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