iPhone 13 store in China forced to close after drawing a stampede

A store selling the iPhone 13 was forced to close after a stampede occurred in a mall in China.

The South China Morning Post posted a video on Twitter showing hundreds of people running inside the Seg International Shopping Mall in the Shaanxi province. The crowd formed a long queue that reached escalators in hopes of buying Apple’s latest flagship model.

The store was forced to close and told customers that they should come back when ready. The online video reveals that it wasn’t an official Apple outlet but an independent one as it carried other smartphone models from other manufacturers.

All around the world, people lined up at Apple Stores to buy the newly launched iPhone 13 models. This is a typical occurrence whenever Apple holds its first day sale of its iPhone products, albeit in an orderly fashion compared to what happened at the Seg International Shopping Mall in Shaanxi, China.

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