Apple to unveil iPhone 13 on September 14

Apple is set to hold its ‘Special Event’ on September 14, the company is expected to unveil the iPhone 13. The tagline of the event is ‘California streaming’ which of course suggests that it’s going to be a virtual event but nothing else. The event website features an AR experience of the glowing Apple logo which could indicate towards the release of new augmented reality features.

The next generation iPhone is expected to be called ‘iPhone 13’ as suggested by various leaks. It was previously suggested by some people that Apple would skip the number 13 because it’s considered unlucky but that does not appear to be the case. Various people with a strong track record at leaking Apple products have said that this year’s flagship iPhones would be called ‘iPhone 13’.

Apple to unveil iPhone 13 on September 14

120Hz high-refresh rate displays coming to the iPhone

The most interesting feature on the upcoming iPhones is rumoured to be the high-refresh displays that have been available on Android phones for years but will be something new in the iPhone world. It is important to note that the iPad Pro received a high-refresh 120Hz display way back in 2017 but the company is going slow with the iPhone. It does make sense, as the iPad is a large device which can house a large battery to easily power a 120Hz display while offering decent battery life whereas the iPhone is a small device comparatively.

iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Most iPhone users do not care about the lack of 120Hz display on the current generation iPhone 12 series unlike in the Android world where ‘specifications’ matter. Also, the iPhones have always had high touch sampling rate screens which have always made the interactions on the iPhone seem smooth. To top it off, iOS is much more polished compared to Android which makes animations, transitions, and everything else seem smoother.

The iPhone 13 event will stream at 1PM ET on Tuesday, September 14.   

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