iPhone 14 Pro models to get newer A16 chip, regular iPhone 14 will continue to use A15: Kuo


Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF-International Securities reports that only the ‘Pro’ models of the iPhone 14 series will use the upcoming new A16 chip. The standard iPhone 14 models will continue to use the A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13.


The 2023 iPhone models will be slightly different compared to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series which offered various different screen sizes. Many sources have reported that the iPhone 14 models will be offered in two different sizes – 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch. The differentiating factor will be the ‘Pro’ branding.

The ‘mini’ iPhone model will not be continued, it will be replaced by a new non-Pro ‘Max’ model. If the reports are to be true, the iPhone 14 series will consist of iPhone 14 (6.1″), iPhone 14 Max (6.7″), iPhone 14 Pro (6.1″), and iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7″). The iPhone ‘mini’ will not get to live more than two years.

The iPhone ‘mini’ has reportedly not been financially viable for Apple. While it sells excellently well in the market – a device for people who wish to use a compact yet powerful phone and also for people who just want the latest cheap iPhone. However, industry analysts believe that the iPhone maker has decided to pull the plug on the ‘mini’ iPhone.

It is unclear as to why Apple would plan to use the older A15 chip in its upcoming non Pro iPhone 14 series. If left to speculation – it could be a way to cut costs for the regular iPhone models or the A16 brings massive performance gains which are not required on regular iPhone models. Also, it has been reported that the ‘Pro’ iPhone models will use LPDDR5 memory whereas the regular iPhone 14 models will continue to use the older LPDDR 4X memory.

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