Apple released the iPhone 5C alongside the iPhone 5S in 2013. It was supposed to be a trendy smartphone for people who preferred having a colorful iPhone and did not require all the new features. As a result, the iPhone 5C did not have the iPhone 5S’ fingerprint reading technology TouchID and it used an older generation chip (A6 whereas the iPhone 5S used the A7 chip).

iPhone 5C: The forgotten trendy phone!

While the iPhone 5C was a slightly downgraded phone compared to the iPhone 5S, it also cost slightly less – a difference of $100 (USD). The iPhone 5S was priced at $650 whereas the iPhone 5C was priced at $550. As the price difference was not much, the iPhone 5C did not sell well in the market, most people preferred to pay an extra $100 and opt for the iPhone 5S.

The other difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C was the body. The iPhone 5S continued to use the industrial design from the iPhone 5 with a complete aluminium body that was loved by almost everyone. On the other hand, the iPhone 5C used a plastic body which was not bad but it did not feel premium in the hand.

The iPhone 5C also had slightly less quality cameras compared to the iPhone 5S. The megapixel count of the cameras on both the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S was the same, however the sensor on the iPhone 5S was slightly larger which meant it could take in more light.

The iPhone 5S was the first phone to use a 64-bit processor at least in the consumer market on a large scale. The A7 chip was truly a performance king back in the day which pushed developers to use new technologies. On the other hand, the iPhone 5C was a subtle addition to the lineup for people who wanted to buy a trendy phone.


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