Upgrade from iPhone 5S to which iPhone?

So you are using the iPhone 5S, congratulations on having used the phone for such a long time. Well, it must have been difficult surviving with a phone that can barely last a few hours on a full charge and also that tiny display which makes the phone look like a “toy phone” in 2019.

You are looking to upgrade from the iPhone 5S to a new iPhone. Of course, transitions can be difficult but it’s very likely that you will appreciate the extra screen real estate on the newer iPhones as they do not sport any bezels.

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Bezeless phone are the best

The iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 are the phones you should be looking at as they are not very expensive and they will definitely last for a very long time. The displays on both the phones are large but after a week’s use, you will feel at home. 

However, if the screen size of the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 seems to be too humongous, then the next option to consider would be the iPhone 11 Pro which sports a much smaller 5.8” screen. The phone is easier to use with one hand, its compact and with a gesture based navigation system; it’s a great phone.

Budget or no budget?

But the problem with the iPhone 11 Pro is that its expensive, like real expensive. It costs a good thousand dollars, $999 to be exact. However, if you can afford it, it’s totally worth it. It’s an extremely good phone with a fantastic display, well made body, excellent cameras, and more.

Nonetheless, if the decision comes down to pricing, then the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11 is the better choice. Please do not consider the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus as they pack very bad batteries which struggle to last even a day.