Is it worth buying the iPhone 6S in 2019? [September]


The iPhone 6S is more than four years old now but it’s still one of the iPhones that can be found at many marketplaces. In India, during Amazon’s The Great Indian Festival the iPhone 6S was being sold for $238 (USD) and it still sells decently well in other developing markets as well.

iPhone 6s

Under the hood, the iPhone 6S sports Apple’s A9 chip which is no slow processor even by today’s standard. It coupled with 2GB of RAM and the iPhone 6S flies during general tasks. Also, the iOS 13 update has slightly improved the performance of older iPhone models.

The rear camera on the iPhone 6S is decent as well – a single 12MP sensor does more wonders than cheap Chinese manufactured phone with three lenses. On the front, the iPhone 6S sports a 5MP camera which does a great job at capturing detail in well-lit conditions, however owing to its four year camera technology, it’s not the best in low-light conditions.

Decent camera performance

Is it worth buying the iPhone 6S in 2019? [September]

The battery life however is horrendous on the iPhone 6S. The 3D Touch feature was first introduced along with the iPhone 6S, while its a great feature to have, it uses a lot of space in the phone’s bad which would rather be used to pack a larger battery. Apple learned from its mistakes and killed the 3D Touch feature after four year with the iPhone 11 Pro to pack a larger battery.

Also, the body of the iPhone 6S is premium looking and feels good in the hand nonetheless. If you are looking for an iPhone at a very tight budget, then iPhone 6S could be the one. It’s a worthy device if you can find it for under $200. It gets almost everything right except the battery life and also don’t expect it to last long as iOS 13 is the last major update it will receive.


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