iGeeksBlog leaks the iPhone 9/SE 2

iGeeksBlog has obtained some information of the upcoming iPhone SE 2 which is also being called the never released “iPhone 9”. Apple moved from iPhone 9 to iPhone X (roman number 10), and the internet now believes that as the upcoming iPhone SE 2 will be very similar to the iPhone 8, it will very likely be named iPhone 9.

The Apple news blog iGeeksBlog has revealed that the iPhone SE 2 will have 3GB of RAM whereas the original iPhone SE had 2GB of RAM. Also, the storage options will be bumped to align the second generation iPhone SE with the current generation iPhones. The iPhone SE 2 base model will reportedly have 64GB of storage with 128GB and 256GB options as well.

iGeeksBlog leaks the iPhone 9/SE 2

The design of the phone will be very similar to the iPhone 8 – the body with big chins on the top and the bottom. Of course, the iPhone 9 will not support FaceID, to keep the price low – it will rather have TouchID for purposes such as unlocking the phone, authenticating payments and authorizing apps.

iGeeksBlog has also revealed a very interesting point of the iPhone 9; the blog reports that the upcoming iPhone 9 will cost $349 which makes it $50 cheaper than the original iPhone SE. If the blog is right about the price, then the iPhone 9 will very likely be very popular with the masses – $349 is a sweet spot.

In the camera department, the iPhone 9 will reportedly have a single 12 megapixel camera on the back and a 7 megapixel shooter on the front for selfies. We expect the camera sensors to be the same as the ones found on the iPhone 9 – of course with the exception of the ultrawide sensor.

The iPhone 9/SE 2 could launch anytime now.