iPhone 9 to release on 15 April, suggests Prosser

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
iPhone 9 to release on 15 April, suggests Prosser

Jon Prosser, the famous Apple leakster shared on Twitter that he expects the iPhone 9 to be announced on 15th of April. The iPhone 9 aka the iPhone SE 2 has been in the news for almost two years now, however with most rumours never turning out to be true.

However, this time, multiple sources have confirmed the existence of iPhone 9 and also Best Buy appears to have already received a batch of cases for the new iPhone. Jon Prosser reports that Apple held an internal meeting on 31st of March, during which it was decided that the iPhone 9 will be released on 31st of March.

iPhone 9 to release on 15 April, suggests Prosser

Prosser also adds that the new phone could start shipping on 22nd of March. However, he does also add that “we’re in the middle of a pandemic” and the plans could always change. Initially, it was reported by several sources that the iPhone 9 would release on 31st of March, the same date when the original iPhone SE was released four years ago.

However, the iPhone 9 did not release in March and all eyes are on April. Some even suggest that the new 4.7” iPhone will release on the 5th of April as that is the date Best Buy is allowed to reveal the new cases publicly.

Prosser in his tweet does mention that the dates he suggests for the announcement and release of the new iPhone are all “tentative”. Other blogs such as iGeeksBlog have reported that the iPhone 9 will have a 4.7” LCD panel, very likely the same panel used in the iPhone 8. Also, the phone is rumoured to have 3GB of RAM along with a starting storage capacity of 64GB.

iGeeksBlog suggests a starting retail price of $349 for the iPhone 9. However, some sources have suggested a $399 price tag.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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