iPhone 9 could release anytime now

Apple was supposed to release the iPhone 9 aka the iPhone SE 2 in March. Well technically, the month of March is still not over and there is a tiny percentage of chance that the phone could still make an appearance. Jon Prosser, the noted leakster recently tweeted that he still thinks the release of iPhone 9 could happen anytime soon.

The iPhone 9 is supposed to be an iPhone 8 with the internals of the latest generation iPhone 11. Reports from various trusted sources have seemingly confirmed that the price of the phone will be around $399.

iPhone 9 could release anytime now

A successor to the iPhone SE

While Apple may not carry the iPhone SE branding, the iPhone 9 is purportedly a successor to the line. It will not use the best of the best technologies from the flagship iPhones but it will lag behind a lot either. For example, the leaks have suggested that the iPhone 9 will use the inferior TouchID instead of FaceID which is found on the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 9 will also very likely not have three cameras like the ones found on the iPhone 11 Pro. Reports from various sources have suggested that Apple will use a single lens on the back of the phone and if the original iPhone SE is considered, the iPhone 9 will use a inferior selfie camera (compared to the latest iPhones).

Jon Prosser tweeted yesterday i.e 26th March, 2020 that a Apple press briefing was taking place “right now”. In the same tweet, he also mentioned the iPhone 9 but also suggested that the phone could actually ship (logistically) in the month of April. However, Prosser did not follow up later and we are still left hanging as to whether Apple did actually give details of the iPhone 9 to some members of the press.