Local police are looking into a series of Apple product thefts within the Lancaster County.

iPhone and iPad Displays

The male suspects were caught on camera and apparently cut the cords of devices on display. An AT&T and a T-Mobile store were the targets, with the perpetrators removing two iPads, four iPhone 14 models, and three iPhone 13 models from the premises.

The men came away with products that are worth $6,757. Police said that the two escaped using a Jeep Renegade and are believed to be responsible for several other thefts in the area. The thefts were localized at the West Lampeter Township, and it was recorded that the T-Mobile heist happened at 6:18 pm, while the AT&T heist occurred at 6:30 pm on January 3. As part of the response, the West Lampeter Township police have taken the case.

Those with information can contact the West Lampeter Township Police or Lancaster City Crime Stoppers.


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