iPhones could have glowing Apple logo as notification light

The back of almost all Apple devices sport the “Apple” logo. Be it the iMac, the MacBooks, the iPhones, the iPods – all have it. According to one of the patents filed by Apple, it appears that the company is planning to use the logo on the back of the iPhones as a notification indicator.

The technique of using the phone manufacturer’s logo as a notification alert method is not new. Motorola has done it in the past with its Moto One Zoom and Razer has also done it with its second generation phone. However, Apple has also used “illuminated logo” of its company in its products before – all the MacBooks prior to 2015 had the Apple logo on the back illuminated.

It would be a practical move for Apple to use the logo as a notification light. Phones usually have the notification blip on the front, however if the phone is lying down (in situations when you don’t want people to read the notifications) then it would be an absolutely hands-down useful feature to light up the Apple logo as an alert tool.

The patent image shows a laptop, an iMac a tablet – which reads “illustrative electronic devices”. According to The Verge, it also specifically refers to the iPhone by mentioning “cellular telephone”. 

So should we expect the next year’s redesigned iPhone 4 like designed iPhone to have a glowing Apple logo on the back? Well, can’t say as the company has a habit of filing multiple patents and hardly a few make it to the final design. However, if Apple does decide to go ahead with the patent, it would be one of the most notable features next year of the iPhone. The glowing logo on the MacBooks was truly heartwarming, something which Apple should consider resurrecting.

Glowing Apple!

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