iPhone 13 camera leaks “not real”, says Jon Prosser


The iPhone 12 lineup which is scheduled to be unveiled in the fall of 2020 – sometime in the month of October – isn’t out yet and a leakster named Fudge shared an image on Twitter which he claims is of the iPhone 13.

Leaker Shares iPhone 13 Camera Details

The image shared by Fudge shows off a drawing of a phone with a four camera setup. The image also shows the right side of a phone  – nothing noteworthy. Fudge can be found on Twitter @choco_bit , in the past he has shared information on upcoming Apple products.

Fudge shared some details regarding the camera setup he thinks will be on next year’s iPhone- 

  • 64 megapixels wide-angle lens with 1x optical zoom & 6x digital zoom
  • 40 megapixels telephoto lens with 3x-5x optical zoom and 15-20x digital zoom
  • 40 megapixel 0.25x min ultra wide-angle lens with optical reverse zoom
  • 64 megapixel anamorphic lens for video capture (2.1:1)
  • LiDAR 4.0

However, the noted Apple leakster Jon Prosser who has an excellent track record leaking Apple products, said on Twitter that the image shared by Fudge is fake. In his own words, he said “So yeah, um,  this is not real.”

Prosser also added that the next year’s iPhone will have the same camera housing as that of this year’s iPhone 12. “Layout for 13 (12S) will be the same as iPhone 12,” said Prosser in a reply to MacRumours tweet carrying information shared by Fudge.

The complete iPhone 12 lineup which is yet to release has already been leaked by Jon Prosser. This year, Apple will release four new iPhones – an additional new 5.4” compact iPhone. The “Pro” models of the iPhone 12 are expected to get the LiDAR sensor from the recently updated iPad Pro.

The least expensive iPhone 12 model will be the 5.4” iPhone which will reportedly cost $649 and the most expensive iPhone 12 model will be the 6.7” iPhone 12 Max which will reportedly cost $1,099.


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