iPhone Designer Jony Ive is Starting A New Firm, Apple To Remain A Long-Term Client

Samantha Wiley
By Samantha Wiley  - Senior News Editor
Jony Ive

Jony Ive, Chief Design Officer at Apple will be departing the company to start a new design firm. Ive has helped shape some of the most iconic Apple products we have today, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod and several Macs. The designer also played a part on how today’s Apple retail stores look and feel, and the spaceship landscape of the Apple Park campus.

Apple shares that human interface design VP Alan Dye and industrial design VP Evans Hankey will be reporting to Jeff Williams. Ive mentioned that the team will continue to innovate and produce great work under the leadership of the three.

Jony Ive

Johnathan Ive is set to start a new and independent design firm called LoveFrom, where he will be working together with Marc Newson, another famous designer. Both Ive and Apple stated that they will continue collaborating with each other in exclusive projects with the rest of Ives’ team.

By Samantha Wiley Senior News Editor
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