iPhone 12 will use displays from both BOE & Samsung

Apple is set to launch four new models of the iPhone 12 this year. The cheapest model of course being the new entrant – the 5.4” iPhone 12. The most expensive model will be the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max – the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The lineup of iPhone 12 includes-

iPhone 12
  • 5.4” iPhone 12 
  • 6.1” iPhone 12 
  • 6.1” iPhone 12 Pro
  • 6.7” iPhone 12 Pro Max

According to the noted Apple leakster Jon Prosser, all of the iPhone models will not use the same displays. He adds that the displays for the iPhone 12 Pro models will be manufactured by Samsung which will be more expensive and the displays for the regular iPhone 12 models will be manufactured by BOE (Beijing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd) which will be cheaper.

Samsung is the leader in OLED panels for various reasons – it makes the best panels, period. So it makes sense for Apple to stick with Samsung for its high-end phones and stick with a different, more affordable display manufacturer for its lower priced iPhones.

The 5.4” iPhone 12 and the 6.1” iPhone 12 will reportedly have two cameras on the back – a regular wide camera and a ultra-wide camera. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro models will have three cameras on the back – a wide shooter, an ultra-wide, and a telephoto lens. However, the iPhone 12 Pro models will reportedly also get the LiDAR sensor from the recently released iPad Pro.

The LiDAR sensor is supposed to improve the augmented reality (AR) experience. Apple has been pushing AR content and apps for quite some time now. However, at present, there are not many apps or services that can take full advantage of the LiDAR sensor.

Apple is also expected to release its AR glasses named Apple Glass early next year.