Apple may launch foldable iPhone in 2023: Kuo

Apple is known for taking its time before using a new technology until it’s refined enough. The company is expected to jump on the foldable trend in the near future whereas other major smartphone manufacturers have already jumped on the bandwagon. A new report by Ming-Chi Kuo states that the tech company plans to release its first foldable by 2023.

The upcoming foldable iPhone will reportedly have a screen size of around 7.5” to 8” when unfolded. The details have been provided by the same noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities. However, he also added that the design of the foldable iPhone is not yet confirmed and could change till the actual release. 

Key technologies and mass production

While Kuo says that the design of the foldable iPhone has not been confirmed, he noted that the design might be similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. He goes on to add that Apple is yet to figure out the key technologies and mass production plans. The release of the foldable iPhone could be delayed due to production issues.

Apple may launch foldable iPhone in 2023: Kuo
iPhone 12 Pro

The design of the iPhone has changed over the years, from being an iconic device with a home button to an almost full-screen phone with a notch at the top. The foldable iPhone will be the next major launch from the company which will redefine the iPhone once again.  Apple will very likely continue to sell regular slab iPhones as well because not everyone will want to move to using a foldable.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a very good track record at predicting the release schedules of upcoming Apple products. The foldable iPhone will very likely release in 2023 or sometime in 2024, given the fact that by then the foldable technology will be mature. For 2021, Apple is expected to launch iPhones with a smaller notch and high-refresh rate 120Hz displays.

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