Insanely fast charging on iPhone: The Future

The current generation iPhones support fast charging i.e speeds upto 18W which is much faster compared to the 5W charging which was common on the iPhones for a very long time. Also, 2019 was the first year for Apple to pack an 18W charger in the box with an iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro is the first iPhone to come bundled with a fast charger.

However, the iPhone 11 continues to come bundled with a slow 5W charger. If however, users are to want fast charging on their iPhone 11, they would have to buy an 18W Apple adapter separately. While Apple is trying to play catch-up by finally bundling a fast charger, the world has moved on and other smartphone manufacturers have already started using 30W and higher wattage chargers.

The OnePlus 7T Pro for example supports the use of OnePlus’ “30W Warp Charge” charger. It will definitely take some time for Apple to support charging speeds higher than 18W as the company was already late to the 18W charger game. However, next year we can expect Apple to start bundling 18W first chargers with all its new phones.

The case of an extremely fast 45W charger for the iPhone sounds very interesting. The battery life of the iPhones is already improving as Apple is ready to give up on its obsession with thinness and light-weight phones in favour of packing phones with features that people will “actually” use.

iPhThe iPhone 11 Pro takes one hour and 45 minutes to fully charge with the first 75% charging very rapidly and the remaining at a slower pace. If Apple does decide to support 30W or 45W or bundle these chargers with its next iPhones, it will be wonderla for its customers as the phones could very well charge under 50 minutes or so.

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