MagSafe for iPhone/iPad: An interesting prospect

The MagSafe connector on the MacBook is dearly missed by a lot of people. We at iLounge expect the connector to be resurrected in some form or the other in the future generation of MacBooks as it offered a seamless experience of connecting/disconnecting the charger.

On the iPhone and the iPad, Apple has stuck to using the reversible lightning connector for charging and data transfer (if anybody still does this is 2019). But the prospect of bringing the MagSafe to the iPhone sounds exciting; not that the company announced any such project neither did any Apple analyst reported such news.

Is the future wireless or magnetic?

It would however be great to have the same magnetic experience on the iPhone and the iPad for charging. MagSafe charger latches onto the MagSafe port when brought near and disconnects just by pulling the cable without requiring to place fingers on the cable’s head. It’s specifically very useful when someone trips on the cable by mistake or pulls the cable by mistake which results in the device falling and in some cases can damage the device.

MagSafe for iPhone/iPad: An interesting prospect

In the future, Apple could essentially remove ports from the iPhone and have an invisible magnetic layer on the bottom of the iPhone (or all sides) and as soon as the cable with a big magnetic head is brought close to the iPhone, the connector should latch onto the iPhone and start charging. It would be interesting if the company could embed fast charging into the MagSafe connector with speeds up to 50W (insanely fast charging speeds).

It’s also important to note that, the iPhone already supports wireless charging by placing the phone on a mat. However, wireless charging through mats can be a bit of a hassle sometimes as the user has to place the phone on the surface and can’t use it freely while doing so. So by implementing MagSafe styled charging connector-cable system, Apple could improve the charging experience.

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