Will the iPhone’s mute switch survive in 2020?


The iPhone 11 Pro showed that Apple is not scared to do what’s right even if it requires ditching technologies it once said would be revolutionary. The company got rid of 3D Touch on the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max which are follow-ups from the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. By doing so, the company has been able to pack a larger battery in the phone and the results have been absolutely wonderful.

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The biggest complaint with the iPhone was always the lackluster battery backup. However, the iPhone XR changed the scenario as the phone used a low resolution display and it did not use 3D Touch. The iPhone XR was a grand success and it helped Apple understand that people care more about the battery life than a feature that is not actually changing lives.

Removal = Improvement

The 3D Touch technology takes up an extra layer similar to the thickness of the display and by removing that, the iPhone 11 Pro’s chamber had a lot more space left. However, during the keynote, Apple talked at length about its A13 Bionic chip which is reportedly very power efficient but at the end, the battery gains can be connected with the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro packs a larger battery.

The question now is what will the iPhone 12 ditch to push the game even further. Well, the design of the iPhone 11 Pro will be three years and all the rumours suggest that Apple will release a new design for the iPhone 12. The company could very well decide to ditch the mute switch button which is a very helpful “switch” but Apple could a much better software trick in place and save some physical space in turn.

Will the mute switch live in 2020? Drop your thoughts down below.

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