Apple unveiled the Lightning port on the iPhone in 2012 with the release of the iPhone 5. Prior to that, the company used the 30-pin connector on the iPhone which was initially used on the iPod. Next year, the Lightning port will be ten years old. According to the rumours swirling on the internet, the iPhone maker is planning to release a portless iPhone in the near future.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

Last year, Apple unveiled its magnetic wireless charging technology for the iPhone – MagSafe. The company announced the feature along with the release of the iPhone 12 and it only works with the iPhone 12 series at the moment. However, the feature is expected to be made available on new upcoming products to expand the network of the wireless charging system.

2022 iPhone to be truly revolutionary

The upcoming iPhone 13 range is expected to be very similar to the current generation iPhone 12 in terms of design. It will have a flat body similar to the current generation which has of course derived from the good old iPhone 5 from 2012. However, leaked images of dummy iPhone 13s by Sonny Dickson on Twitter, suggest that the larger iPhone 13 “Pro Max” could slightly be bigger than the current generation Max version. 

iPhone 12 MagSafe
iPhone 12 MagSafe

In the current age, people are not required to connect their phones to a laptop or a desktop for setting up the device, for backup, or for any other purposes. Most people only connect a cable to their phone to charge and given the fact that the MagSafe can charge the iPhone wirelessly, Apple is reportedly planning on releasing an iPhone without a dedicated port.

Apple has been one of the tech companies to push for futuristic technologies and most of the times, other companies follow the iPhone maker to adopt the new technologies. By pulling the plug on the iPhone’s port, the company could change the tech industry once again. 


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