iPhone SE in now available at $399


Apple released the second generation iPhone SE with a 4.7” screen – a step up from the 4” screen on the original iPhone SE. The phone is a budget offering as it’s priced at $399 – a sweet spot for a lot of people. Also, the fact that the chip inside the phone is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro’s, the 2020 iPhone SE will receive iOS updates for at-least four years.

iPhone SE in now available at $399

The body of the iPhone SE is the same as the iPhone 8 – bezels on the front with a TouchID sensor. The phone is available in Red, Black, and White – these colours only apply to the back of the phone. The front of the phone is black for all versions and colours.

iPhone SE will support Wi-Fi 6

iPhones have always had good cameras and at $399, the iPhone SE is the best camera phone. The Pixel 3a is a close competitor but the phone suffers from the case of bad video recording. The iPhone SE is the best video camera phone for the price and also one of the best for photography.

The base model of the iPhone SE comes with 64GB of internal storage and it costs $399. The next step up would be the 128GB which costs $50 more over the base model – costing $449. The top tier model of the iPhone SE costs $549 which has 256GB of internal storage (an apt option for those who record a lot of videos).

The iPhone SE supports fast charging upto 18W similar to the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. However, just like the iPhone 11, Apple packs only the 5W charger in the box. To take advantage of the fast charging, iPhone SE buyers will have to spend an additional $29 for the 18W charger.

The iPhone SE is water resistant, splash resistant, and dust resistant with a rating of IP67.


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