Should you buy the iPhone SE in 2021?

Apple released the second generation iPhone SE last year in April, during the early days of coronavirus when the whole world was under lockdown. The interesting aspect of the iPhone SE has always been its price – it is the cheapest iPhone ever made, retailing at just $399 (USD). 

The iPhone SE features a 4.7” HD Retina display on the front which is bright enough to be visible outdoors and it is capable of showing true to life colours as it supports P3 wide colour gamut. While the screen size is small and the resolution is not 1080p or higher, the display is good for basic use and occasional video watching.

A compact phone for one-handed use

Apart from the price, the people that buy the iPhone SE are usually looking for a compact phone that will fit in their hand and can be used one handed. Using the iPhone SE with one hand is easy and while it’s not as compact as the iPhone 12 mini, it’s still much easier to use than budget  oriented Android phones which usually have large screens measuring 6.5” or 6.7”.

The iPhone 12 mini is the best phone to consider if compactness is the only requirement. No other phone comes in close competition to the iPhone 12 mini in terms of being able to be used with one hand while using a flagship grade smartphone. The iPhone SE on other hand offers an all around great device for a price of $399 whereas the iPhone 12 mini costs $729 which is almost double the price of the iPhone SE.

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone SE features a decent 12 megapixel sensor on the back and a 7 megapixel sensor on the front. The photos clicked from the iPhone SE are crisp and sharp. While the pictures clicked in the dark are not great but it’s more than good enough for the price.

 The iPhone SE is an all around perfect device if you are looking to buy a cheap iPhone or even looking for a compact phone. The only disadvantage of the iPhone SE has to be the battery; while its not bad, its not great either. 

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