Apple should not kill the iPhone SE

Apple released the first generation iPhone SE in 2016, as a cheaper and compact version of the iPhone but with flagship grade internals. To keep the idea going, the company released a new iPhone SE in 2020 which was the iPhone 6’s body with iPhone 11 internals sort of. 

The iPhone SE (2020) features a 4.7” screen and the same body of the iPhone 6 but on the inside it has the A13 Bionic chip. Apple released the iPhone SE in April 2020 and at the time, the A13 Bionic chip was the best chip made by the company.

Old body with a new heart

Apple released the iPhone 12 in October last year with the A14 Bionic chip. While the A13 Bionic is now a generation older, it still is one of the fastest chips in the market. The iPhone SE is one of the most powerful phones at the price it sells – $399 (USD).

While there are some negatives of the iPhone SE, such as a smaller battery and bezels around the display, it offers great value for the money. For the price, the thick bezels and the lacklustre battery can be ignored. The device offers great performance with the hardware and of course, iOS has always been very optimized because Apple makes both the hardware and the software.

Apple should not kill the iPhone SE

Apple needs to continue to make the iPhone SE in the coming years. It is a great package of a phone for people looking to use a phone for years or even for those who wish to try out the Apple ecosystem. The iPhone SE is a perfect choice for old people as it is compact and easy to use with a traditional home button.

The iPhone SE (2nd generation) was released almost four years after the first generation. So, the next iPhone SE could be released in 2024.

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