Apple has begun assembling its most affordable phone in India. The second generation iPhone SE which released in April has received extremely positive reviews from critics and users alike. However, the price of the phone was very high when it launched in India, almost around $590 (USD) whereas it cost $399 in the US.

iPhone SE

By locally assembling the iPhone SE, Apple has been able to reduce the price of the phone in India. The second generation iPhone SE is now being sold for Rs. 35,999 (490 USD) which is almost $100 lower than the original price. Of course, that is only the starting price, the price of higher storage models has also been reduced.

iPhone SE is a performance beast

The iPhone SE packs the latest Apple processor for mobile devices – the A13 Bionic chip. In terms of performance, the iPhone SE will be very close to the iPhone 11, even beating the iPhone XR which costs more than the iPhone SE. However, the iPhone SE packs only 3GB of RAM, compared to iPhone 11’s 4GB of RAM. Nonetheless, it really shouldn’t concern users as the iPhone SE as there is no visible lag in performance. 

The iPhone SE will very likely receive iOS updates for four to five years. While Apple has not guaranteed such a scenario, considering the first generation iPhone SE which is scheduled to receive iOS 14, paints a pretty picture. Users looking for phones that will last for years without major performance degradation should definitely consider the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE will very likely last for years, however the 2nd gen iPhone SE is not great when it comes to battery performance. The iPhone SE packs a tiny 1,821 mAh battery that could last till the end of the day with light use but with heavy use, it will very likely die quickly.


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