Apple launched the second generation iPhone SE at $399 in the US for the 64GB base model. Of course, there are higher storage options at 128GB and 256GB which cost $449 and $549 respectively. 

iPhone SE Plus

The iPhone SE is a fabulous phone for the price – it packs Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip, the rear camera setup from the iPhone XR, water resistance, and wireless charging. It’s a great deal for the people living in the United States, however in India, the iPhone SE is a very bad deal.

The second generation iPhone SE starts at Rs. 42,500 which is approximately 556 USD, according to the latest conversion rates. The average selling price of smartphones in India is around $160 and $559 is just a little too much for even those looking to shell a little more. If the iPhone SE was priced $399 in India as well, the phone would very likely be a huge hit.

Even though the average selling price of smartphones in India does not match the iPhone SE’s US pricing, a lot of people would be interested in buying a phone that costs $399 which also packs the latest hardware. The iPhone SE will easily last for years – we predict a lifespan of five years i.e software updates.

The longevity of the iPhone SE will be the main driver that will push the phone’s sales. However, if Apple really does want to have a larger customer base to make its services business work, it needs to tweak the pricing of the iPhone SE in India – the second most populous country.

The iPhone SE has the same body as of the iPhone 8 and a 4.7” Retina screen. The phone packs 3 gigabytes of RAM and it also adds support for WiFi 6 – the next generation standard.


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