iPhone SE (third gen) to be launched early next year

Apple is planning to release the iPhone SE (third-generation) early next year, reports TrendForce. The device will continue the trend of low-cost iPhone with new and powerful internals. 

The third-gen iPhone SE will reportedly have a design similar to the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11. While the design of the current gen iPhones is not that different compared to the iPhone XR, the sides are chamfered on the iPhone 12/13 whereas the iPhone XR/11 have curved edges. 

Recycled design, new internals

Apple has always used recycled design for its iPhone SE series. The original iPhone SE which launched in 2016, had the design of the iPhone 5 series which had launched in 2012. The second gen iPhone SE which launched in 2016, used the design of the iPhone 6 series which had launched in 2014. 

Apple should not kill the iPhone SE

The iPhone has been doing excellently well in the market with continued high sales for sometime now. New iPhones with consumer friendly features such as longer battery life and larger screens have even pushed some Android fans to the iPhone. On the other hand, the iPhone SE has been successful with people who wished to buy a budget friendly phone. Also, the iPhone SE is slightly small and compact; not as compact as the iPhone 12 mini or the iPhone 13 mini.

Apple usually holds an event in March to showcase its new hardware. The company is expected to do the same next year and the most exciting product is likely to be the iPhone SE (third gen) at the event. The report by TrendForce does not detail whether the new budget-friendly iPhone will have support for the 5G network. However, previous rumours by other sources suggest that the iPhone SE will support 5G.

The report by TrendForce also mentions that the current gen iPhones will see strong demand during the holiday season this year (2021).

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