Apple released the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro last year but they are expensive phones priced way over $500 (USD). The market asks for a budget sub $400 phone and Apple appears to be thinking of giving the market what it wants. Fresh reports suggest that the iPhone SE 2 or the device also known as iPhone 9 will be released next month.

iPhone 8 like iPhone SE 2

The original iPhone SE was released in 2016 for $399 in the month of March. For years now, the internet has been swirling with rumours of a successor to the device but nothing concrete turned out in the past few years. However, it appears as if this year will be the year for the successor to the iPhone SE.

Apple does not appear to be planning on changing the pricing of the iPhone SE. Rumours and reports from various sources have all said that the iPhone SE 2 will be priced at $399 – sticking to the price of the original iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE 2 will reportedly have the body of the iPhone 8 but the internals of the phone will be of the iPhone 11. Apple is using the body of the iPhone 8 to keep the price of the phone low by not investing in design and R&D. However, the phone will use Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip and presumably coupled with 4GB of RAM.

If the original iPhone SE is to serve as a cue, the iPhone SE 2 will sport a single camera but the sensor will be the same as found on the iPhone 11 (the main sensor). However, we expect the front camera to be not as high quality as that of the iPhone 11. 

Apple is rumoured to hold an event in March where it will likely release the iPhone SE2, 13” MacBook Pro, wireless over-the-ear headphones, and more.


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