Will iPhone SE2 support wireless charging?


Apple is working on a second generation iPhone SE which is scheduled to release in March of 2020, according to noted analysts including the likes of Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. The device will reportedly be larger compared to the original iPhone SE i.e it will be the size of the iPhone 8 as it will reportedly use the iPhone 8’s body (or more like iPhone 6 with minor changes).

Will iPhone SE2 support wireless charging?

The question here however here is whether the iPhone SE 2 will support wireless charging or not. At present, the iPhone 11 phones and the iPhone XR support wireless charging. The iPhone 8 also supported wireless charging but the fact that iPhone SE was a budget phone for $399 raises the question whether Apple will pack wireless charging with the second generation of iPhone SE.

Wireless charging feature is an old feature but it still is not found on many phones as the tech is still not as good as wired charging. Wireless charging tends to be slower compared to wired charging and it also makes the phone a little thick because of the sheet that is required to charge the phone wirelessly.

The iPhone SE will very likely retail for $399 similar to the original iPhone SE. However, we cannot say that for sure and it Apple was to raise the price then the chances of the phone packing wireless charging are higher.

The iPhone SE 2 will still use the home button for navigation and TouchID for authenticating users when the flagship iPhones use FaceID and gesture based navigation system. The case for the iPhone SE 2 to sell would be the price of the phone at which the iOS experience will be sold.

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