iPhone SE2 could launch in March 2020

The iPhone SE released in 2016 was one of the most popular phones in India for a very long time. The price of the phone was almost half of the selling price of the flagship iPhone of the time. The iPhone SE retailed for $399 whereas the iPhone 6S sold for $649 at the time. However, several price cuts to the iPhone SE during its tenure, made the phone a very compelling choice to a lot of people.

Apple did not make the iPhone SE just to capture the attention of the people who were looking for a cheap phone. But also to cater to the needs of the people who prefer to use a small phone. The iPhone 6S was a large phone compared to the iPhone 5S and the iPhone SE was the phone that reinvigorated the “compact phone” market.

iPhone SE first gen

It’s almost been four years since the iPhone SE was released and for years we have been hearing about Apple releasing a successor to the compact phone. However, it appears that the company is actually gearing up to release the second generation iPhone SE very soon.

Multiple leaks strongly suggest that an iPhone SE 2 release is imminent and that it’s actually going to happen. Apple released the original iPhone SE in March and the company could very well follow the tradition by releasing the successor to the model in March of 2020. 

Will iPhone SE sport the same internals as the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro? Well, the first generation iPhone SE very well did sport the internals of the flagship iPhone 6S. We expect Apple to follow the tradition and pack the latest internals of the iPhone 11 into the iPhone SE 2.

However, as of late there has been rumours of Apple releasing iPhone 9 as well. It’s unclear as to what the differences between the iPhone 9 and the iPhone SE will be.