Pres. Trump should buy the iPhone SE2

A lot of people miss the iPhone with a button on the front for authenticating themselves using their fingerprint, triggering the multitasking window or rather just to go to the home screen. The US President Trump recently tweeted to Apple CEO Tim Cook that he misses the home button. Similarly, a lot of people miss the iPhone SE, the truly compact phone for one-handed use and a device that would very likely fit any pocket.

Apple appears to be working on solving both issues at the same with a reworked iPhone 8. According to Kuo, the noted Apple analyst, the company is working on a new iPhone SE which will sport the body of the iPhone 8 but the internals of the newly launched iPhone 11. Since the release of the report by Kuo, a lot of people have taken to the internet to voice their opinions: the iPhone 8 is not the same as the iPhone SE.

Cutthroat competition at $399!

Pres. Trump should buy the iPhone SE2
The original iPhone SE.

Multiple analysts expect the iPhone SE2 to sell like hotcakes, mainly due to its cutthroat pricing. Apple will reportedly launch the device for $399 in the month of March next year. The original iPhone SE was a solid phone for the $399 price tag and the price trickled down even further as the months passed by.

The iPhone SE was the most popular phone in India for a long time. To reduce the price of the phone in the country, Apple had to set-up an assembly plant in India. The result was a significant price drop due to reduction of import duty fees and taxes; the iPhone SE in its last days was being sold for around $230 (USD) in India which is the average price of the smartphones sold in the country.

Pres. Trump should buy the iPhone SE2

To reach the $399 price tag, we expect Apple to place just one camera on the back of the iPhone SE2. It will very likely stick to using TouchID instead of the latest FaceID tech.

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