iPhone silicone cases to be discontinued

Apple might be planning to remove silicone materials as well from its iPhone case lineup.

Rumors have persisted about Apple doing away with leather material for its products, and it seems that the same will be applied to its silicone counterparts. A leaker by the name of ‘Kosutami’ mentioned that Apple is planning to switch silicone in favor of more eco-friendly materials, and this could potentially impact Apple’s product ecosystem, including the AirTag loop, the Solo Loop and Sport Band for the Apple Watch, and iPhone cases.

iPhone Silicone Cases

Kosutami guesses that the shift from silicon and leather won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s believed to be more of a gradual transition over the next few years. It could be that Apple won’t be launching new silicone cases but replace them with newer versions.

Apple has made its iPhone to be made from recycled aluminum. The next iPhone lineup is expected to launch soon.