Apple to release a $475 iPhone with TouchID


If the reports from various Apple analysts are true, this year will see the company release an iPhone with the old TouchID based authentication system. Apple is reportedly planning to launch a budget iPhone with a price tag of $475, according to Sankar, analyst working for Cohen & Company Inc.

Screen Touch ID

It’s unclear as to what the device will be named. Some have suggested that the device will be named iPhone SE whereas some have said that it will be the long forgotten iPhone 9. Some reports also go onto suggest that Apple will also release a larger model of the same, namely a “Plus” version of the same.

One this is clear, the upcoming budget iPhone will use the body of the iPhone 8. We also know that Apple will use the internals of the iPhone 11 i.e A13 Bionic Chip, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage (for the base model). 

On the camera side, the device will very likely have just one camera on the back to keep costs low, the sensor could be the same one found on the iPhone 11 (the main sensor). It’s unclear as to whether Apple will also bring the 12 megapixel selfie camera from the iPhone 11 as the first gen iPhone SE did not use the best selfie camera available at the time.

Apple will definitely pack a slow 5W charger in the box as the company does not pack the 18W fast charger even with the $699 iPhone 11. Only the top notch iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max get the fast chargers in the box. However, packing a slow charger in the box in 2020 is a very illogical thing to do but a good thing from an economic point of view.

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