iPhone will not get USB-C support anytime, reports suggest

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram - News Editor
iPhone will not get USB-C support anytime, reports suggest

USB-C is the best port in the industry, period. Apple should jump ship and switch to USB-C from its proprietary lightning port. While initially some rumours suggested that the company will indeed move to using USB-C on its iPhones in the near future – sometime around 2021, the recent rumours suggest that Apple will actually skip USB-C on its iPhones.

It has been reported that Apple will actually move to a completely portless iPhone in the near future. Some suggest that in 2021, the company will release an iPhone which could charge with a MagSafe type charger – a smart connector.

iPhone will not get USB-C support anytime, reports suggest

MagSafe was the charging mechanism on the MacBook laptops for a very long time. However, Apple ditched the MagSafe in favour of USB-C on its laptops. It may not be the same case with the iPhone, as the company likes to keep some things about the iPhone “proprietary”.

Laptops are devices that require access to multiple third-party devices like external drives, phones, game controllers, etc. However, smartphones are tiny and they are better suited to use wireless accessories rather than wired. Of course, there is already wireless charging support on the iPhone but the tech has not advanced at a desired pace.

Wireless charging is slow, it could however show improvements in the future as tech progresses. However, for the foreseeable future, wired charging seems like the option to stick to – so it would make sense for Apple to add a new smart connector (type) charging functionality on the iPhone.

At present, the iPhone requires a port only for charging. Previously, the phones required ports for charging, data transfer, and for audio output. However, audio accessories are completely wireless now and data transfer is not useful anymore as people turn to the cloud or use their phones as their central device


By Abhay Ram News Editor
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