Next-gen cellular network 5G goes live in select U.S. cities as Verizon releases their hotspot device today. This means that iPhone users may be able to experience it before smartphones that support 5G goes live in 2020.

iPhone 5g

Verizon has announced the release of their 5G hotspot named Inseego MiFi M1000. The device, which connects to the 5G Ultra Wideband technology by Verizon, allows users to get download speeds and bandwidth that supports industrial IoT, mobile workforces, augmented and virtual reality and 8K video streaming.

The MiFi M1000 by Inseego is priced at $650, with available payment plans that stagger the payment to $27 per month. Individuals can also get the device for $500 when they get a 2-yr contract with Verizon.

Providence, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis and St. Paul are the first ones to experience 5G. By the year’s end, Verizon is reported to expand the coverage to 30 cities.


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