Apple released the iPhone X in 2017 – its first phone to move away from the traditional Home Button design. The company released the iPhone X, ten years after the original iPhone launch in 2007. To make it truly unique, the iPhone X included a new facial recognition system FaceID, a new navigation system based on gestures, and a larger screen with very minimal bezels around it.

Should you buy the iPhone X? [June 2021]

The iPhone X still continues to be used by many people, as Apple is known for supporting its older products for many years with new software updates. For example, the iPhone 6S which was released in 2015 is set to receive the latest iOS 15 upcoming release. If the same is applied to the iPhone X, it could receive another two major software updates after iOS 15.

Powerful internals but mediocre battery life

Under the hood, the iPhone X is powered by Apple’s A11 Bionic chip which is still a decent performer by today’s standards. The powerful chip is paired with 3GB of RAM which is not much but is the same amount as the iPhone XR which still continues to be sold by Apple for $499. 

The iPhone X has a 5.8” OLED display panel which is superior to the display on the iPhone XR in terms of quality. It gets plenty bright for outdoor use and watching content on it is a delight. OLED panels are known for producing true to life black because of their ability to turn on and off individual LEDs. All of this combines to provide a rich content watching experience with deeper blacks.

Should you buy the iPhone X? [June 2021]

The cameras on the iPhone X are also fairly good. The only place where the iPhone X falls short is in the battery department. One of the reasons has to be the use of 3D Touch which increases the thickness of the phone, resulting in a reduced space for the battery.

The iPhone X is still a great option to consider if you are considering buying a used phone. However, the “not so good”  battery is something you should keep in mind before buying.


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